Clive '08: Tweed in the face of adversity.

Clive 2008 is GO! Our mission: to drive a 1976 Rover from Solihull to Tehran and back. 6000 miles, 20 countries, £100 of tweed-packed British classic. Ginghamtastic! Follow our progress in the blogs section of sponsor us at

Also on a diary of our
Swindon-Ulaan Baatar London Taxi galavant c/w lashing of pictures. Plus more stuff about driving a Datsun Skyline to The Gambia, and limping two Trabants from Banjul to Zwickau.

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Current galavants:
'08 Solihull-Tehran

Future galavants:
'09 India?

Past galavants:
'07 Nurburgring
'07 - Banjul-Zwickau
'06 - Swindon-Vladivostok
'05 Plymouth-Banjul